Welcome back to Ripple. The annual Chisholm e-Learning Conference organised by Chisholm e-Learning Services and funded through the Skills VIC e-Learning Grant funding scheme.

Ripple is scheduled this year for the 8th and 9th of September. The venue for Ripple will again be the Mount Eliza Campus of the University of Melbourne Business School.

This year the title of the Ripple conference is: “Empowering Change to Embrace e-Learning”.

This theme is strongly aligned with the priorities of the e-Learning plan, which is linked and pivotal to the realisation of the Chisholm 2020 vision. The progressive realisation of the Chisholm 2020 vision is fundamentally changing Chisholm's culture and systems. The integration of technology into communication and learning is a significant element of that change and entails thoughtful planning sensitive implementation, and consultation with the people affected by the changes.

The expectation that Chisholm staff will willingly embrace change without having the opportunity to clearly identify the personal and Organisational benefits is unrealistic. The purpose of this conference is to allow participants to discuss and reflect on the challenges facing Chisholm Institute, in a time when significant change is required and to explore the considerable benefits and options offered by e-Learning and the World Wide Web, for meeting those challenges.

The conference includes workshops and forums, providing participants with the opportunity to identify and distinguish between actual and perceived barriers that exist at Chisholm Institute around e-Learning and to develop strategies and timelines to embed a culture of change into their delivery teams. Ripple will also promote the establishment of e-communities, initiatives and resources to sustain effective practice in e-Learning at Chisholm Institute.
The venue for Ripple is set in a stunning beachside heritage retreat on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in Mount Eliza at one of regional Victoria’s largest residential venues.

Over the two day in-service, Chisholm Institute Senior Educators and other invited guests can enjoy comfortable facilities equipped with modern conveniences to ensure a rewarding and productive stay. This conference venue combines modern technology, impressive architecture, exceptional dining, comfortable accommodation and magnificent gardens. The Centre is equipped with full WiFi capability, for all participants, allowing delegates to remain connected to the outside world whenever necessary.

For delegates requiring overnight accommodation at Ripple, although this is not included in the package, delegates may still request funding through their own Department to enjoy comfortable accommodation equipped with modern conveniences.

If this option is required, please confirm by email to els@chisholm.edu.au by Friday 12 August, as places are limited.
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